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AnHui EAST Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional China Surface Box Manufacturers and Surface Box Suppliers. The factory is located in Yingjiang Economic Development Zone, Anqing City, Anhui Province, with a manufacturing base area of 15,000 square meters. Our main products include 5G optical fiber network generic cabling products, terminal blocks, sheet metal non-standard chassis, network connector, dial switch, pin header/ female header and other electronic connectors.

EAST Electronic owns outstanding R & D technology, automation equipment manufacturing capabilities and advanced testing technology in the industry, automation equipment manufacturing capabilities and rigorous testing technology. It can produce products of high reliability and durability, and create value for global customers. Meanwhile, it provides professional ODM / OEM solutions according to the personalized needs to offer customers value-added services.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

1. Why choose Network Surface Box as your network connectivity solution?
In today's digital world, stable and reliable network connectivity is crucial for any organization. The network has become the core of information transmission, data storage and business operations, so choosing a suitable network connection solution is particularly important.
Traditional wall sockets require complex wall openings, making the installation process cumbersome and time-consuming. However, Network Surface Box adopts a more flexible and convenient installation method. Just install it on the wall or table without making destructive changes, greatly reducing the cost and time of installation. This design not only improves the convenience of installation, but also increases the flexibility of installation, making network cabling simpler and faster.
The diversity and flexibility of Network Surface Box are also one of the important reasons why it is so popular. They have a variety of specifications and port configurations to meet different scenarios and needs. Whether it is home network cabling or enterprise-level network construction, Network Surface Box can provide a perfect solution. They support all types of network connections, including Ethernet, phone lines, fiber optics, and more, ensuring your network connections can meet current and future needs. This variety and flexibility make Network Surface Box the first choice for all types of users.

2. What are the advantages of Network Surface Box’s unique design?
Network Surface Box adopts a simple and stylish design, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also suitable for various environments and scenarios. Their casing materials are durable enough to withstand the damage and wear and tear of daily use, maintaining stable performance over the long term. Whether at home, in the office or in a public place, the Network Surface Box can fit in perfectly and provide stable and reliable support for your network connection.
The Network Surface Box's port configuration is also one of its strengths. They have a variety of port configurations, including Ethernet ports, phone line ports, fiber optic ports, etc., to meet various connection needs. This kind of port layout is reasonable and easy to operate, making network connection more convenient and faster. No matter how many devices you need to connect, the Network Surface Box does the job with ease, ensuring the stability and reliability of your network connection.

3. Why do customers like to choose our Network Surface Box?
Our Network Surface Box undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to ensure each product meets the highest standards. Whether in the design, manufacturing or testing process, we pursue excellence to ensure product stability and reliability. This quality assurance allows customers to choose our products with confidence and use them without worrying about the stability and performance of the network connection.
Our company provides excellent customer service to meet the various needs and requirements of our customers. Whether you need technical support during the purchase process, or encounter problems during use and require after-sales service, our professional team can respond and provide assistance in a timely manner. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers, providing them with ongoing support and assistance to ensure their networks are always running efficiently.
Our Network Surface Box is reasonably priced, has excellent performance and is cost-effective, and is deeply loved by customers. We understand our customers' needs and strive to provide them with the best quality products and services at the most economical prices. This cost-effective advantage has made our Network Surface Box the preferred brand among customers, winning their trust and support.